The Pre Trials

Bringing about justice and peace through decisive means have always been the Jedi way; as it is so with the Noghri Tribes. I am thankful to my Master, Plo Koon for finding me as a child and introducing me to the ways of a Jedi so early. He has certainly impressed these values into me as a reinforcement of what my heritage and cause mean.

It wasn’t more than four days ago that Master Plo Koon told me he admired my fast learning and quick blade… that they both matched my wit and temper. He was telling me in his own way that I was ready for the Trials of Knighthood. Two days later I parted from my Master, bearing a shared command of a Battle Cruiser and my own detachments of clone troopers. The mission was to strategize and cooperate with Supreme Leader, Toran Saav on Varoz V in case of a Separatist attack. Once we arrived, however, the Separatists had already began their own negotiations.

Myself and my 3 cohorts dropped from our shuttles with little time to discuss tactics. We had settled on a main infiltration force that involved my team mates as distraction, and a detachment that involved me as a hidden extra force to rescue the Supreme Leader. They completed their frontal assault and neutralized 3 of the droids guarding Saav; giving me the opening i needed to snag him and jump to safety. We managed to escape with minor injuries.

On the way to the Cruisers, Saav tells us to turn arond and head back to his city. The Separatists were launching a full invasion on the city and Saav’s family was still in the palace. He implored us to save them while also mentioning that there was a secret he needed to tell us.

We managed to get in and out of the palace ease. And for good measure, Malik called in some of his own forces to help the City Guard neutralize the threat as we escaped. I watched as we pulled away as many troops died where we could have helped. But Saav had another issue… one that made the skirmish at the palace seem insignificant by far. They whole planet was being blackmailed because of their moon’s history. There were bombs being set in the generator rooms of the moon and we were being dispatched to handle it before we could take in a proper thought. But if we didn’t take care of it, the people on the planet would be doomed to die and/or lose a home so precious to them.

We were dropped off in the moon’s more densely forested area. We could hear voices not long after we were left to our duties. As we approached, we saw a small force of what appeared to be elite troops and a vulture droid. We all knew that we had to take down the droid first or we were toast. Before we could do anything, Malik charged right in and sliced the legs out from under the droid and jumped on his back thrusting his saber into its back. The troops were so startled by this surprise attack that they started blasting at the forest before it registered that there was someone behind them. The rest of us took some of the troops down while Rae took substantial damage. The troops fled to what we figured to be the generator rooms, leaving behind a half responsive vulture droid. I let my focus go for just a second because of the victory, and the droid grabbed me in its pincers and cracked a rib or two. It was extremely uncomfortable. I just turned around and sliced him arms off, finishing him off.

We then ventured deep into the moon where the generators are kept. it was a series of four rooms each with its own generator and problem. Room number one had a single guard. Room number two had two guards. Room number three had one trooper. And room number four had a group of three planting the last bomb. After seeing the bomb and a few suspicious looking wires on the bridge, we decided on each of us taking out each room at the same time. My thinking was that the bridges were rigged to blow if we turned off the bombs. I had seen similar things in my previous missions with Master Plo Koon. Unfortunately I was mistaken… how embarrassing… I could have cost us the mission in that instance. But we didn’t die and I learned a valuable lesson. We did however take substantial damage from the mission. I, myself, took a wound to my back which has now effected my posture… I fear it will make me seem less imposing for the duration of the healing. Aside from that, the bombs were defused and we left the moon intact. And a couple days later, the whole planet threw a celebration in our honor. I had never seen the likes! Decoration, food and joy aplenty! We were genuinely celebrated… a different and welcome change to what the Jedi have been receiving lately since the war with the Separatists.

We were about to be given metals… and as I knelt down, I saw out of the corner of my eye, one of my troopers receiving a communication from what appeared to be Palpatine himself! All I could think of was a new adventure awaited me.



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