Outcast and Outlaw

Everything happened so fast. It was like the whir of a speeder flying passed your window at night. My fellow padawans and I turned to see the troops under our command pointing their weapons at us. The men we had trained so closely with for so long had turned on us so easily. How could this be?? I have always been sensitive in the Force to the feelings of others, but this was something completely different. There was no sense of hate or contempt in carrying out these actions. These men seemed confused and distraught. But there was so little time to do anything, we had to act out and defend ourselves or it was the end for us. Trapper, the captain under our command was the first to fall after making the first shot. But not before he called in reinforcements. One by one they fell… it was the longest and most painful minutes of our lives. But then, Ace threw down his gun and begged for us to forgive him and to spare his life. He kept going between begging and wanting to kill us. It happened about 3 times. It almost seemed as though they were all programmed, from creation, to respond to a certain call code. His next words confirmed that thought. “He called us on the com… told us… to execute Order 66! Arghh, can’t… control it!” After he had slowly started to calm down we heard the low rumble of a planetary march. Something that only our enemies had heard prior to this event. We knew it was for us this time. We told Ace he could only come with us if he left behind his blaster and any other weapons in his possession, along with his helmet and wrist communicator. He grudgingly accepted and we followed Supreme Leader Saav into the back of the Palace where he had a speeder waiting for us and no attendants. We knew then that we were outcast…. that we were outlaws.

The plan then became to infiltrate the Republic Base and shut down all military standing orders for the space port after having enough time to sufficiently heal ourselves from the ordeal. This would then give us time to get in and get out with a ship without being fired upon. Kintui’ and I would infiltrate the base while Marcus and Malik would create a distraction outside with the power generator. We knew this base well since we oversaw the construction of it.

We managed to make it in unnoticed and unseen. We made our way down the dock and through several main corridors before we came to two troopers guarding the hall to the control center. Unfortunately for them, we turned the corner at the moment they were both distracted or not in line of sight. The power had been taken care of just moments before as well so we were quite in our element. So, since both of us were trained in the ways of a Shadow, we took them out at the same time in a single blow. We then dragged them to the door, holding them up like puppets as the door opened. We clearly caught the commander at the station off guard, but he reacted quickly and shot my shoulder making me fall under the weight of the trooper I had slain. I quickly recovered however and followed up with Kintui’s first strike at the commander. He promptly surrendered knowing it would only be a matter of time before he was rescued. Without any delay, we had Kintui’ go to work at trying to disable the standing orders at the space port. I acted as an assistant, but there was very little I actually knew to help out with. Maybe pressing a button here and a button there. Unfortunately my help was to no avail, as the alarm was sounded to put the whole base on high alert because we entered the wrong pass-code. So we tried again…….. that didn’t work too well either. We looked at a tactical display on our screens and saw orders to take out intruders in the command center. So with that I immediately started cutting a hole in the side of the building, telling Kintui’ to keep working, that we won’t make it off this planet alive if she doesn’t get the system offline. As I was working on our escape route, I could hear many explosions and shots being fired. I could also sense the rush that Malik was getting from battle. I knew we had been given a little more time.

I was mere inches away from finishing the escape route, when I heard the alarm shut down. Soon after, I heard Kintui’ say that we are good to go. She had removed the protocol at the space port, and sent the majority of the troops to a location to capture “4 jedi that were spotted leaving the base.” It was a great leap in the right direction.

On the way to the space port, we had decided that it would be best for us to have a small cargo ship if we are to survive. It would give us room to live with privacy and also space to trade and smuggle if necessary. While ordinarily not the fastest ships in the universe, they are far maneuverable than one would think. As we drew near, I found myself thinking this was the first time, as far as I was aware, that any of us had plotted to steal anything.

Looking through the vast array of ships, we stumbled across a YT – 2400 Outrider. The specs were everything we needed, and it appeared to be in good condition. So we approached it and came in contact with a protocol droid who was very insistent we not come any closer. Confidant that we could take the ship without a problem, we marched forward, but not before we heard heavy breathing and the clanking of metal behind us. We turned to see a creature named the Great Max. I could tell right away there was a tremendous amount of pride in his eyes and not just for the ship we were about to impart our needs on. Max asked us what we were doing here and demanded we leave at once if business was not to be conducted. Before any of us could say anything, Marcus told him we were Jedi. Would not have been my first words while being hunted across the galaxy. He seemed to change his tune a little bit and sent the droid up to the ship to get us a few things. The droid returned with a flame thrower and began spraying the dock with fire. I had been caught in the blast because I was too slow to strike the droid down before he could fire. My comrades managed to make quick work of the two escort droids and the Great Max, as well as the flame thrower protocol droid, so they put the flames out on me in a timely fashion. But I managed to suffered some severe burns and it now hurts beyond measure when I try to force my limits.

We boarded the ship, taking it in need. But all of us sat wondering for a while if it was really necessary to kill for it. Was there some other way? As Kintui’ pulled the ship out of the system and put it in autopilot, we looked through the ship for cargo that Max had yet to deliver. We found 3 crates that were fairly heavily reinforced. I could sense much hostility inside one of the crates. I feel as though we are dealing with live cargo as well as the usual cargo types. Per my suggestion, we decided to look through the Captains log to see where these were going, what is in them and where they are going. We thought we might as well make some money illegally in addition to stealing a ship. The log turned out to be easy to find but was locked with a password. So we searched the ship looking for any clues. Malik found a scrap of paper in Max’s room that had the whole password on it. So we wound up being able to get in quickly. Turned out they were going to (enter planet name) and the crates were worth a lot of credits; 500 C for each of the 6 Loth Cats, 1000 C for the crate with nick knacks and keep sakes, and 2000 C for the crate of exotic fruits. This could keep us going for some time if we manage it right. I looked at the group and nodded. Kintui’ then set a course for Corellia. We spent the travel time meditating and recovering.

When we dropped out of hyperspace, we were asked by Republic Patrols to submit to a search of the ship. I was so thankful I was the one at the com when they requested to board. I shudder to think what Malik would have said if he had the rotation. I let them aboard and met them at the door hoping to deceive them enough to turn around and go on their way. That didn’t work however. Instead, they searched the whole ship for traces of jedi and other illegal cargo. Thankfully the commander of the away team was so dense that he didnt recognize any of us as force users or jedi. Even Malik who was not trained in deception at all and wound up leaving his saber out while meditating. We were very lucky today. Let us hope our luck holds out.

We landed on Corellia and as we left the ship we were approached by the person we were to sell the cargo to, Dralla. I could tell she was very upset and felt robbed. She knew that if a smuggler was no longer on his ship, he was likely dead… And it was clear she wanted to make the killing blow on him. We were now stuck in a very awkward situation, and I was left hoping that she didn’t make a scene when we had just arrived and barely touched down with enough time to refuel.



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