Planet Varoz V

Varoz V

This planet sits on the very edge of the Outer Rim. It was colonized during the great expansion nearly 5000 years ago.

Varoz V still has remnants of ancient and unknown technology. One powerful and advanced technological device was used for purpose of harvesting rare crystals that only grew in the bright sunlight of the system star Varoz. Due to the rarity of these crystals and the limited time they had to grow, a plan was developed to create a constant source of light. They installed massive gravity generators in the moon to halt the rotation of the moon and therefore alter the rotation of the planet enough so that one side was constantly exposed to the light. What they did not realize is that this plan would put the planet at risk of total destruction if the generators were ever to stop. This was a highly divisive plan that caused civil war to erupt upon the planet. After hundreds of years of war and the destruction of the core crystal fields, the planet was left barren and without a source of exports. The location of the generators were soon hidden and the planet settled into its unnatural existence. planet-with-two-moons-orbiting-a-red-dwarf-star.jpg

Near the end of the Clone Wars Varoz V became a place of interest to the Separatist. Some believed the crystal fields could be resurrected and it would provided an unlimited source of funding for the war. Being dispatched by Count Dooku, General Dak Evacar arrived with limited forces to negotiate a deal with the ruling council. Having failed to convince the ruling council to give him access to the ancient fields, he kidnapped their Supreme Leader, Toran Saav and interrogated him to gain the location of the generators on the jungle moon and in return force their obedience with an insane threat of planetary destruction.

After gaining the trust and confidence of their four masters, the young Jedi, Kintu’i, Marcus Rae, Sabeorn Rin, and Malik Tabon, were finally given a solo mission of their own. It was supposed to be a simple diplomatic mission. Gain the trust of the ruling council and offer them support and protection if the Separatist were to become violent. As they arrived they soon discovered that the Separatists had already arrived and the Supreme Leader needed rescued……

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